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Since the last formal AGM and my term as Chair started, I’ve loved the way people have come together in different ways to help raise as much as possible for our school. And whilst the PTA weren’t able to run big community based events during the pandemic, we were still able raise funds through small events like the Cress Competition and Break the Rules Day. Funds raised thanks to Bags2School, the lottery (and amazing donations from winners - thank you!), Amazon Smile, second-hand uniform, selling photos, a sponsored Spartan race, fantasy football and sweepstakes and more.

Although not as much as in previous years, we have still managed to get very close to our target raising over £10,000 and site visits for the Daily Mile track will start in the New Year. We very much hope to be able to have the track installed before the start of the new academic year. We may need a final push to raise the last little bit but I know you will all support the team to achieve something so beneficial to every child in the school.

As in previous years, we will also still be paying for the Hoodies for our year 6 leavers and their end of term pizza as well as the children’s trip to the pantomime at the Watermill Theatre.

Thank you to everyone that supported the school disco’s last Friday, where we raised over £500! The children seemed to really enjoy themselves, I certainly did and I witnessed some pretty sharp dance moves from both children and teachers! Thank you to everyone that helped with the chaos!

I'm sad to say that was my first real school event and as circumstances would have it also my last as Chair and at the AGM held the same day, we voted in a new team!

The new Chair – Lucy Sivasundram,

Vice Chair - Lorraine Joseph and Treasurer – Sona Hanes already have some fantastic ideas and I can’t wait to support them with their upcoming fundraising events.

Thank you to Caroline Campbell for consistently organising and selling our preloved uniform on behalf of FOBS.

A huge thank you to Rebecca Cloke for her work not just as the Treasurer, but also for being so hands on over the years at events and spending many evenings counting cash, forms, sweets and more.

And I would especially like to thank Katie Neal for all of her hard work over the 8 years she has been involved with FOBS as volunteer and secretary. Attending all of the committee meetings, being instrumental in organising our raffles, getting stuck in at every event, ready with new ideas and for supporting me as a new Chair. I’m delighted to say that Katie will be staying on and continuing to support FOBS.

Lastly, thank you to all of you - without the help and support from staff and parents we wouldn’t be able to do what we do and raise so much money for our enjoy to have not just an education but the best experience we can give them, in a nurturing environment like Burghclere Primary.

Emma Hollingsworth

FOBS (old) Chair


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