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Join FOBs!!

Updated: Oct 12, 2021

Your school needs you!

Summer is over and we're all getting back into the swing of working out what kit to pack each day, homework, new clubs, packed lunches..

Due to different personal commitments, the FOBS team is changing and we are looking to a new generation of parents to take over and support the school in raising much needed funds for the school.

Over the many years that FOBS has been running - it has significantly contributed to events and equipment that have been key to the experience our children have at school including some of these:

  • Interactive whiteboards

  • Chromebooks

  • Reading books

  • Playground equipment

  • Annual panto trip

  • Donation of prizes for school competitions

  • School leavers events and items

  • Discos, competitions and other events the children enjoy

And we will hopefully have enough to be able to implement the Daily Mile Track that we are raising money for currently.

Without the support of FOBS and subsequently, all of you - none of the above would have been possible and won't be possible in future if FOBS cannot continue.

That's where you come in!

There are a number of roles key to the success of a the school Friends Association and we'd love to hear from anyone who may be interested:


Do you have strong leadership skills? Are you enthusiastic and a good mediator?

If you've ever thought about being chair of the PTA, or joining the committee - go for it!

Being chair of the PTA is a very challenging but rewarding role. It's crucial to be enthusiastic - as with any job, you need to enjoy what you're doing. Organisation and delegation are key, especially when it comes to running events.

Main purpose of the role is to lead the committee, ensuring the PTA is run in line with its constitution and according to the wishes of all members.

Key responsibilities include:

  • Setting the dates and agenda for meetings

  • Managing meetings according to the agenda and remaining impartial while doing so

  • Ensuring meetings are held fairly and contributions from everyone are welcomed

  • Delegating tasks to committee members and volunteers and ensuring these are carried out effectively

  • Being one of the designated signatories on the PTA bank account

  • Getting to know PTA members and welcoming and encouraging new volunteers

  • Drawing up the annual PTA calendar of events

  • Being the PTA's primary link to the school, which includes agreeing on a wish list with the school leadership team

  • Ensuring the PTA is registered with regulatory bodies, e.g. the Charity Commission, and submitting reports where necessary


Following on from our end-of-term Newsletter, our Treasurer is moving on and we are looking for a replacement asap. This is a key role for the association and we cannot exist without one.

Key responsibilities include:

  • Maintain accurate and detailed financial records

  • Present a financial report at each meeting

  • Liaise with the bank

  • Make approved payments

  • Count and bank monies from events

  • Prepare and co-sign cheques as required

  • Provide and account for cash floats at events

  • Charity registration and Gift Aid

  • Pay agreed expenses

  • Managing licenses, lottery returns and insurances

  • Prepare annual accounts and liaise with the independent examiner of accounts

  • Ensure the committee has agreed appropriate procedures for the handling of financial matters

It is amazing, that we are able to reach out to so many of you for adhoc support at events but FOBS also needs be able to rely on elected committee members for ongoing support in various ways. These include a Deputy Chair and other general elected Committee members:

The Deputy Chair will be a vital support to the chair and also take over in their absence. The role involves working closely with the chair in their work, including running meetings, encouraging volunteer participation and organising events.

Other Committee Members will also provide valuable support on a regular basis, including at monthly meetings, planning the fundraising calendar, helping to organise events and attend on the day. We don't have any specific roles, but if you are interested in a particular area - communication, raffles and sponsorship, grants - you are more than welcome to join with a specific focus.


It goes without saying - everyone has other commitments - our families, work, hobbies, etc. There is no requirement to attend every meeting or every event and the more people that join, the easier it is to share the load.

If you are interested and would like to discuss if further, please contact me via email, or feel free to seek me out in the playground. Or discuss with Mrs Letchford.

We will be voting in all new members at the AGM on 4th November but don't hesitate to ask if you have questions at any time. We hope to see some of you there. Click here to RSVP.


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