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THE BIG Project! 

Development of an Accessible Play Environment.

Target £60K


We are raising funds to help create a safe and accessible playground environment where the children of Burghclere Primary School can experience unstructured, physical and sensory play, alongside a covered stage where children can unlock their creativity.The funds that have already been raised for the previous project The Daily Mile will not go to waste as we intend to incorporate it into this new all encompassing playground development fundraiser.

This is definitely; the BIG ONE! We need to provide playground equipment, a daily mile track, a covered stage as well as create a calm zone to help develop the children’s critical life skills including creativity, persistence, patience, sharing and imagination.At Burghclere Primary School we also have a high number of pupils with special educational needs, so a space to have unstructured play and a chance to step away from the classroom is essential.Children pay more attention to academic tasks when they are given frequent, brief opportunities for free play, so we are looking for your support to provide this facility and help our children to become smarter, healthier and stronger through play.

To date we have raised £15,000!

An amazing start with thanks to all the parents, carers and staff at Burghclere Primary alongside grants from Greenham Trust and Match funding from Vodafone.

Have an idea for a fundraiser?  Good at research and can help find grants?  Work for a company that match funds?

Get involved! This is your chance to make a difference to young lives.

Where else does the money go?

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