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Why Support FOBS?

As parents and carers of children at Burghclere Primary School

you are an honorary member of FOBS

Friends of Burghclere (FOBS) is formed of enthusiastic and committed parents, carers and teachers working together for the benefit of Burghclere Primary School. We raise funds for the school through various events and activities to help improve the wellbeing and development of the children, whilst also trying to create a strong local community.  

The children are at the heart of all we do and we are highly motivated to give them the best we can. So why not join us and volunteer?   

Top Ten reasons to get involved with FOBS

  1. You are vital to the success of the school  Small schools are more and more reliant on their PTAs. Without funds raised by FOBS, your child would not get the benefit of key resources in the classroom like the electronic whiteboards, fun school trips, social events and more.

  2. It’s TOTALLY flexible!  There are a variety of small ways you can help and be involved – from designing a poster, photocopying and distributing letters in the school, cleaning up after an event, helping out on a stall… Giving up even 30 minutes of your time can be invaluable and imagine what we could achieve!

  3. You’ll feel more connected  There’s no better way to know what events are being planned, have your say or make new fundraising suggestions, than by offering your help and support.You’ll get to know teachers and support staff on a more familiar basis.

  4. You’ll be part of a great network You will be part of a like-minded network of people who all share a common goal of improving the school for all our children.

  5. Make a difference  By volunteering, you’ll be able to use whatever skills you have for a noble cause.

  6. We’re not just for mums!  It’s important to our PTA, our school and our pupils to have dads represented on our committee and to help reach out to other dads.

  7. Be a role model  By getting involved with FOBS, you’ll show your children that not only are they important to you, but their education and experience at the school is as well

  8. What we do affects every parent (and pupil)  Your voice matters – FOBS is made up of people elected to represent you, so help us to do this as effectively as possible.

  9. It’s fun! Help plan fun events, socials and get-togethers while enjoying a catch up with other parents over a glass of wine!

  10. Finally… Our children are only at school for a short time, so lets give them and us some wonderful memories.

Ways to support FOBS


We always welcome support from ideas to help at events and everything in between.

Get Involved

Support us by attending events, joining in with the competitions and hopefully having fun too.


If you'd prefer to give a direct donation to the school, you are welcome to do.

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